Nike Rio 2016






Concept, Art Direction, Design



The Brief

For the Rio Olympics 2016, Nike wanted an all-around brand experience to immerse sports fans in its new line of products and position the brand at the forefront of sports culture during the most important sports event of the year.

So we began by creating an on-site installation that would bring together Olympics fans through countless experiences - on-site and digital - on sports, music and fashion, all while celebrating the latest launch of Nike sportswear. 

We also created a seamless shopping experience in our space where customers could try on products and easily purchase them online. 

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Nike Experiences

The space had a cubic structure that was digitally-connected to the happenings of the Olympics. 

From the outside, fans could see in real-time a feature on the athlete that would be currently playing as well as custom visual graphics every time Brazil scored, received a medal, or lost a game.

Besides connecting with the brand, we wanted people to connect with each other and share experiences. So we transformed the installation into a hotspot for sport events, strength workouts, concerts and runs so that everyone could participate and feel supported by the community. 


Agency: R/GA SP

Client: Nike

Visual Effects: ManVSMachine

Cube: Muti Randolph

CD: Saulo Rodrigues, Carlão Fonseca
Visual: Gabriel Berta, Maurício Gomes, Pleemo, Alex Moers
Copy:  Bruno Dias, Bea Vetorazzo

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